About Us

Mobile Diagnostic Services is the leading provider of
portable diagnostics to the long-term care community
in New Jersey.

Portable X-Ray…….Ultrasound…..EKG….

With more than 20 years experience, MDS knows what matters most to its clients – responsive service and results you can rely on. For MDS, these are not just goals or targets; these are the principles that govern all that we do.

MDS understands that there is no such thing as a routine test. Any exam, at any time, may produce a result that initiates treatment on-site or a trip to the hospital…by taking nothing for granted….by not anticipating what the result might be….MDS produces the most reliable and trusted result….a result that long-term care administrators know they can rely upon for critical clinical decision making.

How We Started

Mobile Diagnostic Services was started by an x-ray tech that was fed up….fed up with the way the company he worked for operated. They were late for appointments, treated the patients like numbers, over-promised the delivery of services, outsourced the physician readings, etc. Concerned for his patients, and knowing that things could be done better, he created a portable x-ray company that would do it right. That company is Mobile Diagnostic Services….and it still adheres to the strict standards he established.….

Treat all patients with respect and dignity
Respond promptly to all orders
Interpret all exams in-house with company employed radiologists
Listen closely….communicate clearly.

MDS Today

Today, Mobile Diagnostic Services is physician owned, utilizes sophisticated scheduling technology, and provides digital imaging and online patient reports. And everyday we remind ourselves of where we started and our dedication to do it differently…..to do it better.

With this heritage of commitment and performance, MDS is uniquely positioned to accommodate the increasing clinical needs found outside the hospital setting. Whether our patients are in a nursing home, assisted living facility or at home, our approach ensures the highest level of patient care.

Mobile Diagnostic Services is the smart choice for portable diagnostic exams.



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